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» reference prices 
for business and technical translations from Polish into Spanish and v.v.:
commercial translations: 0,08-0,10 €/word, minimum. 30 € + VAT
sworn translations: 0,12-0,14 €/word, minimum 30 € + VAT

» price fixing variables:
I determine the price for a concrete text depending on the language combination, on the difficulty and the extent of the text, as well as on the required lead time.  In case of long-term collaborations I am ready to negotiate a special price, satisfactory for both parties.

» offers: The definite cost of a translation is calculated based on the total number of words of the original text (the text to be translated).  However, this is only possible if a computer version of the document to be translated is available and an automatic word count can be made in the original.  If this is not possible, the calculations will be made on the translated text and the offer can only be approximate.  If you wish to ask for an offer of a concrete translation project, please contact me from the get-in-touch page.

» payment terms:
First contact/order: 30% on the acceptance of the offer and the rest on delivery.
Regular clients: payment on 30 days after the date of delivery/invoice, by bank transfer.


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