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KJ traducciones offers specialised translation services from and into Spanish, Polish and English, focusing every moment on customer's specific needs and requirements.  In particular I offer:

» specialised commercial translations
My long experience as in-house translator in Spanish and international companies made me understand how important it is for the translator to learn not only the terminology but also the peculiarities and standards of every business field, understand the most relevant characteristics and strong points of the products and/or services marketed by the customer and, finally, to be able to capture and transfer the spirit of the company itself.  This is why I wish to offer my customers something more than professional translations: I wish to work shoulder to shoulder with my clients in order to help them transfer to the other side of Europe the message of their advertising campaigns, brochures and leaflets, websites, reports and presentations, as well as technical documentation, product manuals, operating instructions, etc. 

» sworn translations of documents
Sworn translation of all types of commercial, legal and technical documentation: contracts, letters and communications, oaths, affirmations, statements, certificates, CVs, protocols and reports, registration dossiers, etc. for companies, organisations and private people.

» translation of literary and educational work
Translation of literary fiction (novels and short stories, press articles), as well as popular science and educational material (books and articles, textbooks, manuals, etc.).  I am also prepared to offer the Authors my assistance in finding a suitable publisher in Poland and in carrying out the necessary negotiations.

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